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We are a small group of designers and developers eager to produce successful profitable online shops. Unlike of web developers, we specialise in producing sales not web sites. We have developed 3 very large ecommerce sites over the last year (, and which we own and maintain.

We are now looking for opportunities to work with other retail outlets to help their business grow online. When we design an online store solution we work with customer to find out what they want to achieve and set out a clear path with key goals agreed by the customer.

Alot of companies don’t charge to give a quote but we believe that that a full consultation is required to assess if the clients vision is feasible. We only want to succeed otherwise we will not take on the job.

Phase 1
Do the homework

Who are the target audience?
Who’s in there already?
How competitive is it?
What would it take to make the store successful?
What infrastructure does the client have?
What training is required?

Deliver a brief to the customer with fixed cost
At this point the client will have a roadmap of how to make the store successful and if they want could take it to any developer and get a solution done. This plan will include outlines of seo, cpc, back end infrastructure, fulfilment, packaging, phones, online support, link strategies and product monitoring.

Phase 2
Design phase

We would work with the client on design solutions till they achieve their look and feel. We would then work through a content structure map to make the site as easy for their customers to use as possible. This would be a shell of their site. Once signed off we then move onto the content population which could be done by us or train the client to do it themselves. We would also put in place the advertising and marketing campaigns ready for deployment .

Phase 3

Upon release of the site we will help the client in the day to day of getting the most out of their site and be there to help any problems or questions associated with daily online business. If the client chooses we can also monitor competitor prices and make the most out of their click campaign.

Phase 4

We will monitor the site, sales and success of the store and work with the client to improve processes and sales.

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