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Online Shop

We take great pride in building an online shop for our clients. We believe the measure of a great online shop is not only how great it looks or how is it is to navigate but the core business principles. Sell, sell and sell! The secret to good sales is down to great SEO, good product presentation, and well organised customer service.

If you decide to make another income with your online shop we are here to help. We don’t just make websites! We feel that’s a waste of everyone’s time as and we are only as good as our clients online shops so we make sure the online shop will succeed.

Online Shop Success

So how do we ensure your online shop succeeds? We work to a proven schedule which considers all aspects of the online shop process not just the website. We build and optimise a proven site technique and make sure you are trained and ready to handle anything which comes your way. Whether its organising how to take the online payments, setup computers and provide training to tracking competitors prices we will be there to help.

What if i have an online shop already but it’s not doing anything? We can help there too. We will test your site and see how well the technology is behind it. If it’s OK we will only need to do a few tweaks and we can get it selling like it should. If it’s not ideal all is not lost. We can use the design and the product to easily rebuild it in a different technology which sells your products better without even seeing a change in design.

Online Shop Training

What if you’re a successful retailer but don’t have the computer skills? That’s not a problem at all. We use online shop technology which is familiar and easy to use. We train you or your staff and can help you avoid all the pitfalls along the way.

We can build a successful online shop for you

Feel free to give us a call about how we can help you have a successful and manageable online shop.

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