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Web Design Services

Here at we also offer a piece mill solution of all the integrated services we offer. Our web design is based around the core principle of usability first. (Function before form). We find that if you consider the user in every aspect of your design then you will achieve your goals. To take a step further with ecommerce we make sure that we design the site which gets the most sales possible.

Web Template Design

A lot of people pull a template off the shelf and build a site around that. In all honesty, that’s not a bad idea. We can work to this method by heavily customising a template to make sure it achieves the highest user interaction possible. We can also build you a template from scratch which ensures clear, consistent delivery of your products and makes surfing your site as easy as possible.

Content Generation

No web site is successful without content. You need a lot of carefully structured content which is written in a way that the search engine rates highly but also makes sense to your customer. We offer the content generation service but also offer training so that you can structure your content to get the most out of the search engines. Our prices are very reasonable and all content work is done in the UK be highly experienced and successful web writers.

Web Marketing

Web marketing is the critical activity which makes your site successful. There's no point to the bells and whistles if no-one knows about them. The first last on ongoing focus of what we do all hangs around the marketing. Sometimes we may do strange things but it's always will the goal of increased sales. Before anything we will do some internet market space research and work with you so you know how to make the most out of paid and non paid advertising.

Competitor Price Monitoring

We have developed our own system which can automatically monitor any or all of your competitor’s web sites. This system can monitor price, range, and colour. In fact it can monitor just about anything and automatics reports back to you via email or sms with your competitor’s price and your price. It can even tell you by the minute when you competitors price changes. This is a truly revolutionary product and gives you a big competitive edge over your customers.

Feed Generation

An important task to do with your online store is the generation of feeds. These feeds are simplified ways which all the large search engines and price comparison companies can include your information. These need to be regularly done and uploaded to the appropriate place. We can streamline this for you making sure your feed gets to the right place to generate the sales.

Web Site Hosting

Our web site hosting is the best. We don’t see any point in wasting time with cheap non supported hosting. When something goes wrong and trust me with cheap hosting it always does you are the only one left picking up the pieces. Our hosting ethos is do it well and it won’t waste your time and money later.

Each client’s online shop is hosted on its own dedicated box with the best data pipes available at a little over 140 pounds per month. Vital to your search engine optimisation is where it is hosted. Google knows the difference and penalises you heavily if you don’t have that right.

You always have the option to host our solutions anywhere you like but if they go down then it’s the hosting company who have to fix it. If it’s our solution then it’s our problem and we won’t be dealing with tens of thousands of customers. We will only be fixing yours.

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